October 14th, 2007

[random] unicorn

Oh man

And I was pretty sure I gave up on making icons -- BUT HERE I AM. WTF AM I DOING HERE. @_@
You can probably still consider this dead, butttt once in a while if I decide to share the craptastic icons I piece together in around 2 seconds, they'll be here.
So these are mostly coloring. Becuase I deleted all my brushes and textures. :D;;
Some of these are also from like, 50 years ago.

SO basically all of these are crap-tastic, but take/look at them if you like.

02 takuya
03 kato kazuki
02 tenipuri (doujin)
02 katamari damacy
08 d-boys (araki-centered)
01 tenimyu (marui/kiriyama)
10 gekiranger
28 total

Collapse )

Credit hbft90poo (or feikuai) please!
Join if you like, don't expect updates too often.