16 100x100 Icon Textures

i've found that I've gotten really bad at iconning, so please excuse me when I use old icons...
...also, I'd like to know what's become trendy in the icon world so I can make better resources. :)

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[random] unicorn

SUP GUYS? newiconscinsocinsoicnlkdasdfgh

AGAIN SO SOON? This is the result of me catching up on Gekiranger. WHICH IS A GOOD THING! I'm currently all caught up and everything anflknfdklaln yay!

feikuai feikuai feikuai!!! It's actually not that great hahahahhaah. MINIMAL EFFORT SPENT.
But the new profile might be entertaining!!! \:D/ up-to-date, I hopeeeeee. PROBABLY.

05 gekiranger cast members (Soutarou, Zukki, Araki, Naoki)
01 Satou Takeru (lololo RANDOM)
49 Gekiranger
21 Digimon (season 2)
76 total

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My dumb speakers are broken they only all work at a CERTAIN ANGLE and it's annoyingggggggg
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WELL, here are some more icons!! \:D/ Some of these are from a LONG TIME ago, but since I amen't very active anyway, there's no significant difference. They're all basically cropping and coloring. :P

15 Hirata Yuka (Mele from Gekiranger)
01 Wada
06 Digimon
17 Arthur
01 D-BOYS (group-- Adachi & Araki!!)
10 Fukui Mina (Ran from Gekiranger)
01 Soutarou (mmmmmmmmmm hottie)
05 Gekiranger cast (group)
06 Araki
01 Zukki
01 Long/Ron/Rong's actor (Naoki Kawano, thanks suthrnbellechan! )
64 total!

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[random] unicorn

Oh man

And I was pretty sure I gave up on making icons -- BUT HERE I AM. WTF AM I DOING HERE. @_@
You can probably still consider this dead, butttt once in a while if I decide to share the craptastic icons I piece together in around 2 seconds, they'll be here.
So these are mostly coloring. Becuase I deleted all my brushes and textures. :D;;
Some of these are also from like, 50 years ago.

SO basically all of these are crap-tastic, but take/look at them if you like.

02 takuya
03 kato kazuki
02 tenipuri (doujin)
02 katamari damacy
08 d-boys (araki-centered)
01 tenimyu (marui/kiriyama)
10 gekiranger
28 total

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Credit hbft90poo (or feikuai) please!
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32 icons!

Heeeeeeey!! LONG TIME NO... POST!
I bring icons again~

[17] D-BOYS (including the prince-series thing)
[11] Gekiranger
[04] Hirata Yuka. Becuase she's my NEW PASSION!! >:D
[32] Total


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I have this urge to make icons from engrish.com. Maybe you can be expecting thoseee :D

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Hay guys~
Once again...links are broken/expiring and everything, so I'll reup everything~
(This is basically going to become a master list of resources.)

The x's represent how many of each resource has been upped and are download links.

Tiny Text Brushes [x][x] [x] [x]
Manga Brushes [x] [x]
Light Box Brush [x]
Line Brushes [x] [x] [x]
Heart / X Brushes [x] [x]
Mask/Polaroids [x] [x] [x]
Border [x]

Light Textures [x] [x] [x] [x]
Scratchy Texture [x]
Photo Cuts [x] [x] [x]
Random Textures [x] [x] [x]

I will be constantly updating this post.
This is/has taken me a long time, so please remember to credit feikuai.  As usual, join feikuai for updates, and if any links ever die, just comment over at the requests/affiliation post.

9 Icon Textures || 16 Icon Brushes

I'm back from the dead! >D!
I've also run out of ideas for brushes, so feel free to send me ideas at the request thread.  Please. =w=

Download Links:
SS || MU

Download Links:
SS || MU
**Both made using PS7::Image Packs Included**
Flower Textures drawn by flyawayxx (original picture here)

>>Please Comment//Credit feikuai if using.
>>Feel free to join feikuai for updates!
>>If any links ever die, just tell us at the requests/affiliation post.
[random] unicorn


Hii!! I don't really post a lot compared to flyawayxx , but I come with icons again!! :D
42, to be exact. I think that's the most I've ever posted at a time xD

[08] pokemon
[10] gekiranger
[06] dboys
[07] kato
[03] kenken
[08] date


(omg lol they're all green-ish xD)

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